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JULY 2022

Opal Writers Magazine July 2022
Articles for Authors and Writers
Opal Writers Magazine – July 2022 issue.

What’s Inside This Issue

Our Featured Author of the Month:
Jackiem Joyner (Minor Assassin)

Journaling For Writers | Barbori Garnet

Six Tips on Taming the Story Flood |
Mandy Eve-Barnett

Too Many Choices Leads to Procrastination |
Liz Betz

Planning a Memorable Book Launch |
Susan Calder

The Happiness Catcher | Boris Glikman

LYING: In Life and Fiction | Sharon Leder

Embrace the Light | Donald H Roberts

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June Articles



HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN is the USA Today bestselling author of 13 psychological thrillers, winning the most prestigious awards in the genre: five Agathas, four Anthonys, and the coveted Mary Higgins Clark Award.

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Why Host a Book Launch Party?

Last month I attended my first in-person book launch in over two years. My friend who released her fifth novel is a pro. At our local bookstore, we enjoyed wine, cupcakes, and my friend’s presentation on the 2017 wildfire in Waterton Lakes National Park, which forms the backdrop to her fictional story.  

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Cliché ~ Touché

I learned the backbone of American language from my mother, aka the Queen of Cliché. While most parents charge their offspring to “Be home by eleven o’clock sharp,” my mother quipped, “If you’re not early you’re late.”

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Grandpa’s Writing Legacy

After my grandfather’s death, I helped my mother sort through her father’s trunk. Stuck inside were ration cards from the early 1900s with pencil scribbles in his familiar hand. Written no doubt during WWI by firelight and faded almost beyond recognition.

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The Pen of Plenty

“Take this, Boris! May it serve you well,” the booming voice commands. A hand, holding a shining writing implement, extends towards me.
I was all of thirteen years old when the Hand from Above bestowed the Pen of Plenty upon me.

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