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Train into the Valley of Madness

By Donald H. Roberts, The Barrie Island Story Teller All Aboard The ancient steam locomotive chugged into the station. The seven passenger cars emitted dozens… Read More

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Starting a Writer/Author Blog

There are pros and cons to starting and maintaining a blog, but before you start, ask yourself the first and most important question – why do you want to blog in the first place?

The Truth About Rejections

Agents and publishers get thousands of submissions each year and can’t possibly read them all with equal consideration.

Opal Rising Magazine
Explores the metaphysical and energy healing modalities: crystal healing, Reiki, yoga, essential oils, and any other holistic path. Opal Rising magazine is interested in the earth, ecology, mind, body, and spirit.


We are Losing our Minds

I spent a week with a friend who has dementia. She was a vibrant, energetic, super intelligent woman, who used to be a terrific teacher.  And now she can’t remember for two minutes what is happening today, or where she put something, or what she just asked you. Whose is this?  What is this for? What show are we watching?

Oh dear! What will the neighbours think?

Do you worry about what other people will think about you? Do you worry about what they’ll think of your choices? Or the choices of your partner, your children, your siblings – or anyone else, for fear that there’s a “guilt by association” issue?

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