Saturday Reads…

Let’s dive into the fiction archives today!
There are so many great fiction selections to choose from. Please don’t forget to Like your favorites and show your love to our authors ♥


Involving One

This group of flash fiction stories have ‘one’ thing in common. They are stories that mainly feature one person. Something happens to this one person and because of that a change occurs. In the first story, all it takes is a look for the protagonist to become defensive.

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Story Talk

It is inspirational to me when I learn of a story’s background. What was the story seed? How were the challenges met? These three flash fiction stories include my author notes which allow a peek into my process, inspiration and decisions.

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(Woman Well Set Free!) Mary Bailey allowed herself to be led by a man with a lung disease down to a small cell on the shores of the Ganges as if she was born to it.True, her varicose vein was giving her merry hell but she ignored it, just as she had for the last…

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Ivy Becomes a Crone

Ivy Becomes a Crone By Liz Betz Wine glasses in hand, they toast the cell phone camera, that the waitress agreed to operate. The moment is worthy for social media.“I’ll post it now. No time like a…thap.” Michele says.It’s been a long time since Ivy’s heard that lisp, and she doesn’t remember Ariel’s mole so…

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