By Gabi Lubon

I travel down, far down that even the light may never find me. I take a pickaxe to stone and hit time and time again until rock breaks to reveal gems. I hit until a light pokes through, so far down where light does not exist but simply is.
The light is a being this far down, no longer defined by the universe. Soon the light ignites to make fire. A fire so hot it burns through rock and gems. A fire so bright it could have been created by the divine. This fire roars like it has the face of a lion but like the light, it is nonexistent. The fire is, it is a being unto itself.
I hold my hand out to the fire as it beckons me. I cup my fingers and drink the heavenly fire.
Soon I as well no longer exist, I am only but a thought, a beam of light cast from above. I do not breathe anymore, for I am everywhere and nowhere at the same moment.

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