3 Important Times to Post Social Media

3 Important Times to Post Social Media

(and 1 Crucial Step to Take for Every Event)

by Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Article written in 2017 and appeared in the Opal Writer’s Magazine – prior to Covid-19 – information in this article is still valid, just think of Live Local Events as Zoom events, and use the same guidelines.

Attending live, local events are an essential part of networking and growing your community. Unfortunately, many people do not use their social media accounts at local events to leverage their reach. Just because your event is in person does not mean you should ignore your social media.

In growing your network, promoting and building others to support them allows you to stand out as someone people want in their network.

Supportive social media event posts are also a way to grow your social credibility and online following quickly.

Before Your Event:

You are welcome to post anytime once you arrive or during that same day. That’s a good post for you.

What about also promoting the hard working organizers of your event?

Posting about events in the months, weeks, and even days leading up to the event builds energy and expands the event’s reach, giving your local followers some notice, invaluable time to discover the event and even attend themselves. If you begin to post just as you arrive, there’s no time for others to discover it until it’s too late. You help the event organizer by spreading the event’s existence.

And don’t forget: tag your event organizer.

During Your Event:

This one will be easy.

Smiling faces tend to pause quick-scrolling-fingers skimming through their social news feeds. So, as you’re meeting old friends and making new friends, post some as-it-happens group photos.

Don’t just snap and post. Tag your colleagues.

And don’t forget: tag your event organizer, as well.

Directly After Your Event (or next day):

Once your event is over, end with a gratitude post. Thank the event organizer and even use it as an opportunity to leave a review. You will make their day!

And don’t forget: tag them and other attendees, presenters, vendors, speakers, sponsors, and/or the venue.

You are executing 2 strategies:

  1. Promoting others proving yourself as someone whom others want in their network.
  2. Building your posts with activities and high spreadable content.

Think of all the people you’ve tagged who may now like, comment, and share your posts, giving your social accounts more credibility.

Now for the Crucial Extra Step

In EVERY post, use the event hashtag. If you don’t know what the event hashtag is, then ask the organizer. If the organizer hasn’t created a hashtag yet and you’ve asked them early enough, then you have given them the chance to use an invaluable edge.

Next issue: Why use Hashtags at a live event? We dive deeper into the brilliance of using hashtags.

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens
Catherine Saykaly-Stevens, The Networking Web
This article appears in the Opal Writers’ Magazine July/August 2019

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