3 Mistakes to Avoid Before Making An Online Introduction

One of the biggest problems most people have with introducing themselves effectively is that they don’t know how!

Think about the last networking events you attended in-person.
Has anyone ever approached you, shoved their business card (or book) in your face, and proceeded to tell you all about themselves and what they can do for you? Some won’t even bother to ask about you in return.
They don’t see the point when there’s a whole room full of people to pitch.

Fortunately, most people wouldn’t pitch us so blatantly in person. However, many new and existing connections pitch us in our social media platform, Messenger, (the private message area for your eyes only).
Messenger, in our social media platforms are full of pitches from new connections.
“Hey, there, I’ve got this great product/service/book and here’s why you should buy it.”

This is not the way to make a good first impression.
In fact, this bad behavior often burns bridges because people are sick of it.

To help identify what will burn bridges, and avoid that outcome, here are 3 mistakes that will kill successful online introductions…

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Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is a Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist and a LinkedIn Specialist.
She leads frustrated business owners, speakers, and authors to understand that
‘Social Media LIKES Don’t Pay The Bills!’
Catherine believes that grass will never be greener on the other side.
Grass is greener where you water and maintain it.

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