Opal Publishing History

In 2014 Cindy DeJager registered Opal Publishing as a business.

I have always had a love for books and a desire to write. I can still fondly remember learning how to read from the Tip and Mitten series in grade one. My love of reading and acquiring knowledge has not stopped since then. In my tween years I had every issue of the How and Why magazine. I was a rock collector and a scientist at an early age. It wasn’t only the physical sciences that intrigued me; I also had an inner knowing and interest in the metaphysical. When I was 12 years old my mother began studying and compiling notes for a book that she wanted to write. I can remember the manual typewriter on the kitchen table with her box of hand-written notes and typed pages beside it. We had a tall floor to ceiling bookcase that stood in the dining room and my mother had all of her reference books on those shelves. One of the titles was Pistis Sophia. That title had always intrigued me, but I never once thought to take it down and look at it.

In the year 2000, my mother self-published her book, The Many Waters, “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” This was the catalyst that stirred my interest in book publishing. In the early 2000s we didn’t have the internet like we have it today – all queries had to be made by mail and then you had to wait several months before you heard anything back from a publisher. My mother’s book was on the finalist list by one publisher, Hampton Roads, but another book was better. So my mother made the decision to self publish. She hired an editor and a publicist and had the printing done at Friesen’s Printing. After a time when the funds ran out I offered to help her with as many things as I could, and my other sister Cherry was already working as her secretary. I joined a group of self publishers and learned how to market a book. As the years went by I became an editor for a Calgary community newsletter publisher where I stayed for 9 years and learned the business of magazine publishing.

In 2015 my mother passed away at the age of 80 years old.

The name Opal Publishing was birthed by loss – the loss of my mother.

Our shared birthstone, the opal, symbolized for me the new age and the courage to usher in the light and in 2021 I introduced a new magazine, Opal Rising, that explores the metaphysical and energy modalities. There is a time for everything, and for everything there is a time; I am a student of the Art of Allowing and learning to trust in myself.
It is my hope and desire that you, my reader, find something in my magazines that resonates with you.
Wishing You Immense Success,


PUBLISHER of the Opal Writers’ Magazine, Opal Rising Magazine.

Opal Publishing has two magazine imprints under my company: Opal Writers’ and Opal Rising magazines.

Magazine Design and Publishing

I have over 10 years’ experience creating and publishing magazines and other circulations, ask me how I can help you create a magazine for yourself or your business.

I do not accept book manuscripts for publishing, however, I can direct you to those who can. Opal Publishing has professional collaborations and relationships with professional book publishers and literary agents who can assist you.

Cindy DeJager

President and Founder of Opal Publishing.

The Opal magazines are my creative passion.
I work alone on these magazines and I am the sole creator and manager of Opal Publishing. It is my pleasure to collaborate with writers and professionals to present their expertise to my readers.


Opal Publishing
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Email us at: opalwritersmagazine@gmail.com

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