Are You An EMPATH?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been deeply empathic. I had no idea how deep until one day I had one of those realizations that really hit me. This one felt like a baseball bat. This realization changed my life and deeply challenged my entire belief system.

Many years ago, a student arrived for his guitar lesson, saying that he had suffered from a stomach ache all day. After making sure that he did not need medical attention, and that his parents knew about this, we enjoyed playing his favourite music and he left feeling better. But now, I had the stomach ache. And I knew for certain, it wasn’t mine! And I also knew that this wasn’t the first time I had taken on someone else’s pain.

How on earth had that happened? There was nothing in anything I had learned up to this point that explained how such a thing was possible. I also realized that I had probably always been doing this, but was completely unaware of it. Now I was aware! And I had a big problem. I had to figure out what was my own stuff and what I had soaked up from someone else. Some days I felt like a sponge!
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2 thoughts on “Are You An EMPATH?

  1. Tina Ruiz

    I loved the article about Empaths. Because I have always had a sixth sense about me, and I felt the sadness or pain of animals as well as people, I often wondered if others did as well. Surprisingly, they did not. Understandably, I thought I was the only one in the world who had this gift, until about three years when a psychic reached into my soul. She gave me an insight on what I had and all that I could do, and after I told my mom, she encouraged that idea when she told me that I got ‘that’ from her red-headed aunt.

    1. Sharon Carne

      Hi Tina, Thank you for sharing this. You are certainly not alone. There are many tools available to manage and expand this amazing gift.

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