Author of the Month: Nzondi

Opal Writers Magazine | SEPTEMBER 2022


I am so stoked to be featuring Nzondi in this month’s issue! Sadly though, he is on location doing some filming and won’t be available for a Coffee & Conversation Podcast chat with me – but I am hoping that at some point in the future I’ll be able to book some time with him.

About Nzondi

Nzondi (Ace Antonio Hall) is an American horror author and is the first African-American to win a Bram Stoker in a novel category for his young adult book. The Bram Stoker Award is the most prestigious award given to horror writers in the world. 

Recently, Nzondi was inspired by a teenage vampire singer named Elle, who is the lead singer/guitarist of a band named Toxic in his upcoming work, so he wrote, sung and produced an alternative rock song called “Teenage RockStarr”. The song was released on July 22nd, 2022. Influenced by bands like Rage Against the Machine, Alice In Chains and Incubus, besides Nzondi screaming his head off, the song features the legendary hip-hop artist/actor Fredro Starr from the group Onyx and drummer, David Moreno from Puddle of Mudd.

Author of the Month: Nzondi


Praise for Nzondi’s Bram Stoker Award-winning Novel, Oware (oh-war-ee) Mosaic: “He is a brilliant writer, one readers and critics should be watching.”

—Pete Nowalk, creator of ABC’s hit show, How to Get Away with Murder


Author of the Month: Nzondi
When an excitable, highly proficient 17-year-old forensic pathologist, who solves cases in the metaverse, appears to kill a teenage girl in real life, she enlists her brother to help cover it up. 

What Was Your Inspiration for Writing the Story?
Using undead tropes from the vampire culture, Nzondi started out wanting to create a female character as wondrously horrific as Dracula, Freddie Krueger or Jason Voorhees but Feeni Xo (pronounced “zo”) turned out to be something quite different. 









Nzondi’s song “Teenage RockStarr” is available on all music streaming platforms.

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