Journaling for writers

Journaling For Writers

why should writers add journaling to their writing schedule? Because, a journal is a great place to work out feelings and emotions in life in such a way that it provides clarity to what a writer may then decide to include in a story.

Binge Listen– Train Into the Valley of Madness Season 1

Binge Listen - to the entire series of Season 1Train Into the Valley of Madness The summer begins with Train Into the Valley of Madness season 1, but that is just the beginning --there is more fiction coming to audio -- more by Donald Roberts and Boris Glikman -- watch for it! This summer - …

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Jackiem Joyner, author of the month for July


JACKIEM JOYNER has loved Science Fiction ever since he was a child, fascinated by all the stories and imaginations of futuristic worlds.

Get Ready for Your Next Writers’ Conference

If you’re thinking of attending a convention, conference, or festival next year, now’s the time to start your research. It’s best to register as soon as you can to get Early Bird rates and heads-up emails about opportunities at the event.

Cliché ~ Touché

I learned the backbone of American language from my mother, aka the Queen of Cliché. While most parents charge their offspring to “Be home by eleven o’clock sharp,” my mother quipped, “If you’re not early you’re late.”