Where Do You Get Your Ideas

Where DO You Get Your Ideas? 

‘Where do you get your ideas?’ is a question a writer hears often. 

Children Make Good Writing Partners

Children Make Great Writing Partners

Part of my writing discipline includes jotting down things children say. They are a great source of inspiration, humor, and wisdom.

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Do You Want to Write a Cozy Mystery?

Do You Want to Write a Cozy Mystery? I just finished writing cozy mystery #18, so let me try and answer this. But first the question, what is a cozy? A cozy is a mystery with certain ingredients. First of course, there’s the protagonist who must be an amateur. This amateur often has friends who …

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Grandpa’s Writing Legacy

After my grandfather’s death, I helped my mother sort through her father’s trunk. Stuck inside were ration cards from the early 1900s with pencil scribbles in his familiar hand. Written no doubt during WWI by firelight and faded almost beyond recognition.


Ideas are always circling us. Like young children with butterfly nets, it is our job to catch a few and develop them into stories with strong leads, robust middles, and fabulous endings.