Wishful ‘Shrinking’

In the spirit of exorcising exercise, I shoved my girls into a sports bra that I accidentally purchased while experiencing a low sugar craving after a holiday binge.

I Should Wear a Warning Label

I confess. I am a writer. I have been one for over 25 years. I am unable to stop. No amount of counseling has helped. I am hopelessly addicted to paper and ink. In my research, I’ve discovered others suffering this same obsession. I propose a solution. In order to save our reputations and unnecessary verbiage, writers with this malady should always display and wear upon their person--warning labels.

If Writers Ran the World

If Writers Ran the World By Sheila S Hudson As I peruse my newspaper, it doesn’t take a genius to see that in spite of tightening our collective belts, voting in a new administration, approving various stimulus packages and bail outs, Uncle Sam needs help. And this is where I have another Bright Idea. Put …

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