TRUE LOVE – Is it Real?

By Marta Rabiej

“I know of only one duty and that is to love”
~ Albert Camus
“Love yourself, it is important to stay positive, because beauty comes from the inside out”
~ Jenn Proske

Love is one of the most important parts of our lives. From day one we are “programmed” to search for it, have it, give it, be it. We are coming to this world as the expressions of Divine Love, and Its creation. Even though we cannot see our Creator with our physical eyes, we are created in his likeness. That means we are also very powerful and we are able to create. In fact, we create everything, everyday. Our thoughts become our habits, our habits become our beliefs, and our beliefs create our reality. How does this tie to unconditional and everlasting love? Our Creator has unconditional love for us, at all time. We are his most beloved creations. Nothing we do or think makes us less loved. Only we, humans, put conditions on love for ourselves, or other human beings.
When we are born, we have all the confidence, love, and strength we need to survive. Baby’s smile can melt everyone’s heart, and that’s enough for us to return love, and care for this tiny and adorable being, who cannot do anything for himself at first. But one little smile has a power to change everything in his favor. So, what happens to us later on, when we get older?  How come it all changes and becomes so difficult to “find” love?
That’s a question we should ask ourselves. What happens down the road when we have different experiences in our life? We “learn” that we are not the center of the universe, as we thought we were. We realize that in many cases love has conditions.

For example, if we act “good” and do not cause any problems, we are rewarded by those who provide for us, so we quickly realize that there are certain mechanisms, which “trigger” other people’s expression of love or other feelings for us.
During our childhood we also learned that we have limits. If we encountered situations that resulted in painful memories and feelings (like shame, fear, or anger, when we were made fun of, or someone stronger was trying to take advantage of us) those situations got deeply ingrained in our minds, bringing same feelings in similar circumstances. And those traumatic emotions from childhood resulted in accepting fears as true picture of ourselves. When if fact we adapted these false beliefs in such early years that we had no chance to question or change them. Allowing those beliefs to create painful “reality” without giving it another thought.
Love is our true nature. It is our foundation. And if we have hard time finding it, it’s because we are looking in the wrong places. Or because due to painful memories we buried it so deeply down in our soul that it seems like we don’t have it. However, true love is not a myth and we can experience it once we understand that we are not “broken”, and do not need to find anyone who would “complete” us. We need to realize that we are the only ones putting limits on ourselves! And once we conquer those limiting beliefs and start vibrating in higher frequencies, we start attracting “better” things and experiences.

Everything shifts when we come into harmony with ourselves. When we are able to look at our reflection in the mirror and have appreciation for who we are without judgement, self-criticism, and without negative emotions. So, don’t put conditions on compassion for yourself, like others did when you were little. Yes, we all make mistakes on our path, but that is called learning and evolving. And the truth is, we are more focused on negative experiences than on our accomplishments. We live with a conviction that we have to “fit” into someone else’s standards, before we could accept ourselves, or be proud of who we are. And that is a hard obstacle to overcome, which leads to frustrations, disappointments, resignation, and depression.

What would it take for you to believe in yourself and all that you are? What would it take for you to know that the Divine Light and Love that is inside of you is greater than any challenge, obstacle, or anything you are having difficulty with? What would it take for you to realize that you are ONE with the greatest power in the entire universe?

If you are ready to “find” love you need to start with yourself. Accept the fact that you are a powerful creator and your biggest power is LOVE. Give up all ideas that limit you or make you feel inadequate, or incompetent. Simply, start looking at yourself like you are the most important thing in the universe. Look through your heart, not your ego. Give yourself credit for all positive accomplishments and learn how to show others that they matter. The saying “what goes around it comes around” describes precisely the circle of life. And I can say that if you send out positive vibes, by being kind, compassionate, and loving, in dealings with yourself and others, those positive feelings will return to you magnified.

I’m not saying that you have to love your addictions (to food, drama, or other forms and negative actions), but have respect for yourself and be honest with yourself about the feelings you are not dealing with. Don’t hide behind excuses. Let go of things that do not work for you. If you know that you need to make changes in your life, take small steps, stick with them, and ask for help or surround yourself with positive, supportive people who will cheer you on and keep you strong in tough times. Be kind and love yourself and others as they are. Do not try to change anyone, criticize, or harm them. Having a great sense of humor is not the same as making someone else being a butt of all the jokes, day in and day out. Be sensitive and listen to your intuition. It will guide you to love like a lighthouse guides ships to the safety of the port on a stormy night. Trust yourself and expect good things to come your way. The only thing keeping you from finding love is your belief that it’s not possible, so figure out when you got it and change it! Release the fears and allow your heart to receive love and compassion.

Forgive yourself and others. Make room for better and bigger things to come your way. Look inside to remember what made your heart sign with joy and make time to do it whenever things get stressful. Unleash your creativity and forget about what others think. Bob Moawad said “Creativity is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God”. Use your imagination and see love all around you. Focus on crating and receiving love.
At the end of the day ask yourself: did you love enough? Did you laugh enough? Did you make a difference?
And as you start your day, set an intention to experience each moment as a sacred gift. Be grateful for it and open your heart to receive miracles. Don’t be like those who wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all life for happiness.
Realize that you are LOVE; shine it out bright to allow it to attract more of it to you.
If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you have forgotten that you are one!

“Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love”
~ Evelyn Underhill
“Love is creative. It does not flow along the easy paths, spending itself in the attractive. It cuts new channels, goes where it is needed”
~ Evelyn Underhill

MARTA RABIEJ, Divine Frequencies – REIKI


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Part One

By Emily Matweow


Traditional Chinese medicine was first documented in 100 BC, but was known to exist even earlier. Chinese doctors viewed the body as an “energy system”. Their science of life therefore became the study of how energy flows in the body. When there was no energy flowing, they said that the body was dead.
When the energy flow became blocked or imbalanced, specific sorts of physical or emotional conditions appeared (which Western doctors call “symptoms” or “diseases”). In such a situation, Chinese doctors performed an energy intervention aimed at removing the blockages to proper energy flow and/or balancing one’s energy flow. To do this, they often inserted small needles at certain energy flow points. The needles provided either negatively charged, or positively charged, energy (yin or yang energy) to that point. In addition, the physician often prescribed specific herbs or foods to be ingested, based upon their yin or yang nature, to further balance the energies. When successful, the physical and/or emotional ailments (the original signs of imbalance) disappeared. The patient was said to be “healed”.
As the Chinese philosophy of medicine spread throughout Asia, its applications became modified by the cultures it came in contact with. For example, in Japan, the Chinese energy flow points in some cases were massaged by hand instead of inserting needles (called “shiatsu”).
Through the ages many different forms of energy healing have evolved.

The path less travelled can make all the difference. ~ Emily Matweow

Energy Healers in North America

Modern day energy healers come from a wide range of disciplines, utilizing many healing modalities. Traditional Western medicine politely refers to these approaches to healing as “complimentary medicine”, thereby conferring a vague plausibility to both the modality and the practitioner.
In all fairness, Western medicine’s approach to studying the science of life by dissecting cadavers (dead bodies – no energy flowing) makes them great “mechanics”. However, it has made it impossible for them to see the same flow of life energy that Chinese medicine is based upon, making western doctors poor “electricians”.
Can we expect a traditional western doctor (mechanic) to refer a patient to an energy worker (electrician)? Maybe, but highly unlikely, simply because mechanics have not been trained to recognize conditions that are best treated by an energy intervention. Will an energy worker refer a client to a mechanic? Probably, only because they know the limits of what their specific energy modality can accomplish. They also know what mechanics are capable of.
Frustration and disappointment can occur if one goes to a mechanic to solve an electrical problem, or goes to an electrician to solve a mechanical problem.
In such an environment, it would be most beneficial for individuals to take more “personal responsibility” for their own health and well-being. Just like eating a clean diet and getting regular exercise is necessary to maintain the physical body, it is equally important to have a regular program to maintain the health of one’s energy body.

How the Energy Body Impacts Physical Body Health

There are several aspects to our energy bodies. You may have heard about our body’s “aura”, “cellular vibration” frequencies, astral body, “mind” or “consciousness”, “soul”, etc. It takes varying amounts of skill to interact with the different aspects of our energy body. The simplest of these various aspects of our energy bodies to work with that has the most immediate impact on the physical body is the seven “chakras”. These seven energy centers are arranged vertically in the middle of our body, starting with the tailbone area and proceeding upwards to the top of the head. Each chakra vibrates at their own frequency, generating a unique color – red (at the bottom), orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (at the top).
When the vibration frequency of a particular chakra slips from the range it is to normally operate in, dysfunction and dis-ease appear. Imagine the chakra as a light bulb being on a dimmer switch. As the energy lessens, the light bulb shines less brightly. Those physical body areas related to the dimming chakra energy start to “dim” as well. We use the word “degeneration”. Another word we use for the same phenomenon is “aging”.
When we turn up the energy on a dimmed chakra light bulb, then more light shines on those parts of the body that previously were deprived of that energy. Whatever degeneration was underway, now stops and goes back to normal (i.e. reverses the degeneration process). You could call it “anti-aging”, which could also mean slowing down the rate of aging). Or you could call it “rejuvenation”, which means there is an apparent reversal of the look of aging because the area is being “repaired” or “restored” to how it was before the chakra energy was dimmed.
Chakra frequencies can be slowed-down or sped-up. The chakra’s otherwise smoothly cycling energy could become disrupted and start wobbling on its axis. Whatever the source of the disruption, the result is always the same – a degeneration of our physical body manifesting as pre-mature, age-related ailments.

About Emily Matweow
I believe people have the ability to reach a place where all things are possible.
A place where becoming the best you were designed to be means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is your birthright.
My own magical transformation came suddenly, in 1990, when I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and told I’d be hearing and vision impaired – lucky if only a paraplegic. Today, I’m an avid deep-water photographer, a classically trained pianist, I engage in competitive Latin dancing, and amongst other things, am getting better with each canvas I paint!
I’m living proof that what others said was impossible for me – was not true.
My journey to wellness evoked a deep desire to help people have profound healing experiences. I have committed my life to helping people break-through their healing crises and their limiting beliefs to live the full potential of their lives.


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By Maggie Marshall

I’ve been thinking about how to find our inner authority and stand up to bullying. In most areas of the world, at the moment, we are being tortured and bullied. Just look up the manuals and processes for these practices. I am not going to list them here.

Become Aware

I know what it is like to be bullied. I have recently realized that it has been a pattern in my life, and I would suspect it has been for many of us.
I didn’t have a horrible childhood, but I was strongly encouraged to follow the rules and not speak up. Remember that old saying, “A child is best seen and not heard”? It was the same in school. I can’t remember how many times I was banished to the corner or out in the hall, mostly for speaking without permission.
Actually, this theme followed me for much of my life – express myself, stand up for myself and get put down. I had some small victories, but now I need to dig deep for a different essence to emit, one that is stronger, more assertive and more thick-skinned.

Release Outer Authority

Society is bullying us, and has controlled us for centuries on some level. It’s just more evident now. Are we allowed to gather, to speak, to hug, to pray, to be creative? No. They have taken away our freedom to be human. They are bullying us into complying with their global authoritarian vision of the future. I know this is hard to believe and accept.
So what can we do? How can we stand in our sovereignty when there are so many ramifications if we do – fines, imprisonment, and loss of livelihood, to name a few? It’s tough. It takes courage, even in small ways, to go against society. It means doing what feels right in our core in spite of the restrictions, and in spite of our fear. It means finding new ways of navigating and negotiating.

Break Patterns

How do we find our inner authority in all this?
We need to be aware of the patterns in our life and break them. We need talk to people of like mind, and even get together with them. We need to explore all sorts of emotions and even experience despair. Some days I don’t know which way it is going. It can feel like everything is pointless and impossible. Or it can feel like death is not such a bad development.
We do need to learn that death is not the end. It is not the worst thing that can happen. I have been doing a lot of work around losing the fear of death and trusting that it may even be an exciting adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating suicide, but we need a broader picture of our spirit and power, and we need to trust in the unknown.
Getting to trust our body and its messages is super important to developing our own knowing and sovereignty as well. Who says anyone else knows our body better than we do? Politicians and corporations certainly don’t. Do you really need a faulty test to tell you if you’re sick? Have we so lost touch with our bodies? We must feel and sense into them again.
Somehow, in this last horrible year, I have become more aware of so many aspects of myself and society, intellectually and in my gut. I have realized that I have always questioned outer authority, but this questioning is like an unused muscle that has gone lax. Now is the time to exercise this muscle in my own unique way.

Envision a New Future

One way to ease our anxiety in all this is to envision a kinder, community-based world, rather than an authoritarian one. Meditate on what you want to see, not what appears to be happening, not what the outer authorities are envisioning. Raise you vibration into peace, and out of fear as much as possible. Trust your own research, your own discernment. Find others who envision an out-of-the-box, new world.

Connect with your Inner Bull

Instead of being bullied, what if we connected with the essence of bulls? They are independent, strong and unpredictable. They also have power, determination and a firm footing. They are a symbol of fertility, abundance and renewal, so maybe we can use our creativity to birth new worlds.
Think of the astrological sign of Taurus, an earth sign, grounded and stubborn. Taureans are honest, not fond of authority, and they persevere. They are about self-love and sensuality, finding their own uniqueness.
Maybe we need to keep the image of a bull in our minds to develop our own inner power and authority. I know when I see one in a nearby pasture, I feel a sense of awe. They look so proud and peaceful, and they stand on their own.

Merge with Nature

Getting in touch with nature helps us to connect with our source, which gives us peace and strength. Nature involves cycles of life and death, dissolution and decay. It’s time to let go of old structures and ideas, and dream in new ones. Life is about risk, creativity and joy.
Breathe deeply and freely, connect to beauty, and feel wonder. Open your senses and your body to nature. Feel your body. Garden – get your hands in the dirt. Touch nature. Hug each other. Watch birds. Imagine freedom. Feel your soul.
Remember your true nature of spirit, humanity and sovereignty.

Maggie Marshall

Maggie Marshall helps you remember your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences.
She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.


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What would our world be like if we all possessed Magical Powers

What would our world be like if every one of us was granted godlike faculties?
At first glance, such a world would indisputably appear to be a picture of an ideal society living in peace and harmony, with every person having boundless freedom in all aspects of their lives, able to fully satisfy their every wish and desire, undo all of their mistakes, change the past and create a definite future of their own choice.
At further reflection, however, niggling doubts begin to creep in if this is how things really would turn out to be.
The foremost issue that such a hypothetical scenario raises is the following: In a world in which everyone has godlike powers, how would we even be able to determine that we really are in possession of such faculties, for wouldn’t their very ubiquity and commonality prevent us from recognising that these capabilities are indeed magical?
Another essential issue that needs to be addressed is the question of how we would deal with the fact that we are in possession of superhuman gifts and with the knowledge that others too possess miraculous faculties.

Would we be able to learn to cope with the limitless freedom of choice our magical gifts have bestowed upon us or would we be so overwhelmed by these freedoms that we would deliberately suppress and silence our own superhuman capabilities?

Would we be satisfied with enjoying and employing our own miraculous powers or would we be tormented with worries about whether or not our neighbours’ magical capabilities are better than our own and, in our anxiety, completely forget about and neglect our own faculties?
Would we learn to coordinate our godlike powers with one another or would we try to impose our powers upon others and spend all of our time and energy attempting to undo and negate the others’ capabilities?
Would we exist in a state of constant dread of what others might possibly do to us with their superhuman faculties and thus would we put all of our efforts into using our powers to defend ourselves against those potential threats, allowing the creative and constructive side of our capabilities to stagnate and decay?
Would we celebrate and openly display our faculties or would we fear that others would either disparage our powers for being inferior to theirs or begrudge us our powers for being superior to theirs and, consequently, would we try to make our miraculous gifts as inconspicuous as possible?
The above considerations lead us to ask whether a world of people with magical powers would be at all distinguishable from our own. Is it possible, given that the two realms are quite likely to be identical, that we actually are living in the magical world; that all of us really do possess godlike gifts, but that they have been annulled by our lack of awareness, our fears, our insecurities, our jealousies, our rivalries, our worries, our paranoias?
What if, hidden under the grime of our egos, our doubts and our supposed limitations, these miraculous capabilities are just waiting to be unearthed, cleansed and put into use?

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