HEART-CENTERED BUSINESS ♥ Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Imagine if we talked to people like this: “Hey, you look fat in these jeans!” or “You’re starting a business? It’s never gonna work, you’re not good enough!” We don’t address others like this but unfortunately, that is how we talk to ourselves.

Changing Your Beliefs

Changing Your Beliefs: Identifying Your Personal Programming

No belief is too big or too small, too grand nor too insignificant to be changed.

Featured Heart-Centered Business: Tricia Silverman

Want to lose weight, gain energy, increase productivity, and live a longer, healthier life?

Hypnotherapy as a Therapeutic Modality

There are different versions of hypnotherapy (mostly just for branding reasons, as there are as many variations in the practice as there are practitioners!) and a few different fundamental techniques we use, but the core of all of it is healing the subconscious mind.

Heart-Centered Business Feature

Opal Rising Magazine is pleased to feature our first heart-centered business in this issue.