The step by step ghostly evidence is mounting in favor of life beyond the physical.

“In A Gentle Way you can shake the world”

By holding a thought and clarifying it in our minds we are shaping energy and giving it form. Because we cannot ‘see’ our thoughts and ideas, we dismiss the power that we have in the creation process. Our minds are so powerful and we have so little knowledge of that. I think that our world is evidence that we don’t understand how it reflects the lack of control we have over our thoughts.

the Journey: The Harder the Climb, the More Beautiful the View

Life can change on a dime. Every part of mine changed, yet I felt static, because if I moved, then at some level of existence, I was accepting this unwanted change. And so, I felt like life was moving around me, like a raging river moving around a large rock, then tumbling uncontrollably, like rocks washed down the river in a flood.

Weave your Own Web

There is much mythology around spider. They are associated with creativity, writing and feminine wisdom.

We may not always get what we want, but possibly, we get what we need

I thought I could run away, leave my life behind… but is that even possible?