Get Ready for Your Next Writers’ Conference

If you’re thinking of attending a convention, conference, or festival next year, now’s the time to start your research. It’s best to register as soon as you can to get Early Bird rates and heads-up emails about opportunities at the event.

Writing Internal Conflict

In fiction, capturing internal conflict is key to creating vibrant and believable characters.

Marketing Steps

I’m not marketing – I’m generating mail for myself. That makes it so much easier than pressuring myself to advance my writing career.

Grandpa’s Writing Legacy

After my grandfather’s death, I helped my mother sort through her father’s trunk. Stuck inside were ration cards from the early 1900s with pencil scribbles in his familiar hand. Written no doubt during WWI by firelight and faded almost beyond recognition.

Cliché ~ Touché

I learned the backbone of American language from my mother, aka the Queen of Cliché. While most parents charge their offspring to “Be home by eleven o’clock sharp,” my mother quipped, “If you’re not early you’re late.”