Children Make Good Writing Partners

Children Make Great Writing Partners

Part of my writing discipline includes jotting down things children say. They are a great source of inspiration, humor, and wisdom.

Embrace the Light


“No, my friend. There is nothing in it that you don’t already know. The problem is you have not allowed yourself to see the whole picture, only those parts that are easiest to see and touch. But if you were to open your spirit you would discover those parts that are nestled in the depths …

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LYING: In Life and In Fiction

LYING: in Life and in Fiction. In the short book Lying (2013), neuroscientist Sam Harris covers myriad ways lying is never right. He writes that lying “needlessly damages personal relationships and public trust” and reflects a human tendency to “behave in ways that are guaranteed to make us unhappy.” In 2013, Harris believed there was …

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Do You Want to Write a Cozy Mystery?

Do You Want to Write a Cozy Mystery? I just finished writing cozy mystery #18, so let me try and answer this. But first the question, what is a cozy? A cozy is a mystery with certain ingredients. First of course, there’s the protagonist who must be an amateur. This amateur often has friends who …

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