The Unbearable Light-ness of Shadow

The Unbearable Light-ness of SHADOW

Once upon a time there was a shellfish which lived alongside all the other coastal creatures in the intertidal zone between the ocean and the shore. Its world being a tiny area of wet sand that it could claim as its own, the shellfish did not have lofty goals and was resigned to its lot in life.

Mother And Daughter: Writing The Story of Our Reconciliation

The deep and painful rift between Mother and me began in the 1960s when I started college. The road had been rocky before then. Members of my immediate and extended family needed to accuse someone for the crippling effects of my father’s heroin addiction. In a Jewish family like mine, the shame of my father’s addiction was just too difficult to face.

September Song for a Butterfly

September Song for a Butterfly

I learned recently that a dear man, an old poet I once knew, had died. This morning I woke up remembering the day I met him.

Train Into the Valley of Madness Season 2

TRAIN: Into The Valley of Madness Season Two

BY DONALD H ROBERTS 1934 The mist poured lazily into the Valley of Dreams but it was not the one that had brought the passengers to the valley. And the valley changed like a fading in and out of the silver screen. Seven passengers stood upon a station platform, ornate, beautiful, old, yet new, over …

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Author In-Person Events: Table Organization

BY MANDY EVE-BARNETT With the promise of in-person events, we are all excited about hosting our author tables. We will receive our allocated table size and, in many cases, a room plan showing where we will be situated at each event. Depending on this location and the through traffic, we should think about pre-planning how …

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