Train Into the Valley of Madness Season 2

TRAIN: Into The Valley of Madness Season Two

BY DONALD H ROBERTS 1934 The mist poured lazily into the Valley of Dreams but it was not the one that had brought the passengers to the valley. And the valley changed like a fading in and out of the silver screen. Seven passengers stood upon a station platform, ornate, beautiful, old, yet new, over …

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Train into the Valley of Madness E8


Trevor Morris ran. He had no idea where he was going. All he cared about was Anna. They had boarded the train together. They were just married. She could not have died a year ago, they had only met six months before getting married.

Train into the Valley of Madness : E5

Lassiter Leeks eyed everyone like they were staring at him. His conscience was playing games and his mind, he thought was breaking. None of this was supposed to happen. He didn’t have luggage. Everything he needed would be in a SUV on the road above the Valley. It had all been arranged. Now all he had to do was make like he was going sightseeing up one of the trails and disappear into the wilderness…at least that is what it was supposed to look like.