Dispel Those Writing Myths – Part 1

BY SHEILA HUDSON When I began this crazy career of writing, I thought all I had to do was to write and my gleeful audience would immediately issue a check. Clearly, I did not know how the system works. And that’s not the only myth I believed. Take heart, I am here to bust your …

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Nanowrimo challenged me

NaNoWriMo Challenged Me

BY SUSAN CALDER School trained me to begin new projects in September or January, after summer and holiday breaks. I’ve started all of my novels during these months. By the time National Novel Writing Month comes along in November I’m usually into a first, second, or third draft and don’t need NaNoWriMo to cheer me …

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Nanowrimo Writing Tips

National Novel Writing Month Tips

BY MANDY EVE-BARNETT There is no question it is a crazy experience, whether it is your first attempt or one of many. We all tend to become rather manic as we write to our daily goal of 1667 words (or more if possible). Whether you are an experienced NaNoWriMo writer or a newbie, these tips …

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NaNoWriMo – This Time I Won’t Enter as a Total “Pantser”

By Linda White It’s National Novel Writing Month. I’m again tempted to join the hundreds of thousands of hopeful writers who sign up for NaNo with the goal of creating a 50,000 word “novel.” That means 1,667 words every single day in November. This time I won’t enter as a total “pantser” because I’ve been …

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BEGIN at the Beginning

BY SHEILA HUDSON “Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. Whenever I sit down to write something, it’s always a temptation to jump into the middle. And that’s what mysteries do; the hook is just that. But …

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