DECEMBER Writing Prompt

The (Virtually) Real Life BY BORIS GLIKMAN I recall that day well. My friends and I were checking out an abandoned, run-down mansion on the outskirts of town and that's when we noticed that strange, inexplicable things were beginning to happen… Every time we open a door to some room to take another look at …

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Valentine’s Day Writing Prompt

Valentine's DayWriting Prompt A Binary Fantasy By Boris Glikman It is February 14, Valentine’s Day. Couples around the world are celebrating their love for one another, while I am all by myself, wondering if I ever will understand the true meaning of love, if love will ever possess my being in its totality. And it …

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March 2021 Writing Prompt

WRITING PROMPT NEW! Try this writing prompt and submit your story for the March issue. Submissions will be accepted until February 15th. Only one (1) story will appear in the magazine, but I will include all other qualifying submissions right here on the Opal Writers' website! As an added bonus, I will be mentioning your …

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