Attending an In-Person Writing Convention in Today’s World

In September my friend Pam and I flew to Minneapolis to attend Bouchercon World Mystery Convention’s first on-site event in three years. I sat on a panel and handed out my author cards, but the main purpose of our trip was to present Calgary’s bid to host Bouchercon 2026. Tourism Calgary recruited Pam and me to co-chair the venture.

Author In-Person Events: Table Organization

BY MANDY EVE-BARNETT With the promise of in-person events, we are all excited about hosting our author tables. We will receive our allocated table size and, in many cases, a room plan showing where we will be situated at each event. Depending on this location and the through traffic, we should think about pre-planning how …

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8 Tips for Submitting to Writing Contests

8 Tips for Submitting to Writing Contests

One way to get your writing noticed is to have short stories or poems published in a writing contest. You may win or be ‘placed’ for your submission and can then utilize your achievement to raise awareness of your writing.

Return to In-Person Writing Events

The fall book promotion season is almost here. Will events be largely online, as they’ve been for the past two and half years of this pandemic? Or are people eager to return to in-person festivals and conventions? My guess is both.

How to Plan a Memorable Book Launch

PLANNING a Memorable Book Launch

Planning the Book Launch In my last article, WHY Host a Book Launch Party, I outlined all the reasons why you should host one. In this article I'll be discussing the steps to planning a memorable book launch. When my first novel was released, I hosted my book launch at a local independent bookstore. I …

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