Writing Midrash for the Book of Ruth

Midrashim take the form of giving speech or utterance to biblical characters whose behaviors, actions, or words raise unanswered questions. The Midrashic process lives on today as writers and speakers continue to elaborate on biblical sources in poems, narratives, songs, and sermons that illustrate the text’s vitality and universality.

Shall I Write Prose or Poetry Today?

In my household, there are two writers, my husband Milton and myself. We both write essays, fiction, and poetry. How do we know when our ideas should manifest in poems rather than fiction or essays?

Remembrance of Things Imperfect: SUN

We all want to see the Sun. It just fell down in the front yard. I saw it coming down, like an overripe cantaloupe, staining the sky with sticky, succulent golden juices.

The Remembrance of Things Imperfect – The Moon

BY BORIS GLIKMAN It is the middle of a warm summer night.I am running down the stairs,quickly and excitedly,with my neighbours following me.We all want to see the Moon. Mystery of the Night It just fell down in the front yard.I saw it coming down,like an unwashed potato,peppering the skywith flecks of dirt. There it …

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