The Unbearable Light-ness of Shadow

The Unbearable Light-ness of SHADOW

Once upon a time there was a shellfish which lived alongside all the other coastal creatures in the intertidal zone between the ocean and the shore. Its world being a tiny area of wet sand that it could claim as its own, the shellfish did not have lofty goals and was resigned to its lot in life.

Mother And Daughter: Writing The Story of Our Reconciliation

The deep and painful rift between Mother and me began in the 1960s when I started college. The road had been rocky before then. Members of my immediate and extended family needed to accuse someone for the crippling effects of my father’s heroin addiction. In a Jewish family like mine, the shame of my father’s addiction was just too difficult to face.

September Song for a Butterfly

September Song for a Butterfly

I learned recently that a dear man, an old poet I once knew, had died. This morning I woke up remembering the day I met him.

Children Make Good Writing Partners

Children Make Great Writing Partners

Part of my writing discipline includes jotting down things children say. They are a great source of inspiration, humor, and wisdom.

Too Many Choices

Too Many Choices Equals PROCRASTINATION

It’s good to have choices but often I have so many choices for my writing that I cannot pick one. It’s a trick of the procrastinator to list or to survey all the choices and ignore the fact that there is no focus.