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The path less travelled can make all the difference. ~ Emily Matweow

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There are several aspects to our energy bodies. You may have heard about our body’s “aura”, “cellular vibration” frequencies, astral body, “mind” or “consciousness”, “soul”, etc. It takes varying amounts of skill to interact with the different aspects of our energy body.

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Emily Matweow is an intuitive healer – a practitioner of energy medicine who, by her own example, has shown we can reach the place where all things are possible.  A place where becoming the best you were designed to be means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is already in you.

Read Again: Six Things You Need to Know About Sound

All matter is in constant vibration

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Six Things You Need to Know about Sound

Science has shown that all matter is in constant vibration. Even at the smallest level, the atoms in our body, everything is moving and vibrating. Sound is defined as ‘vibrational energy.’ It is one of the few methods that can change how matter itself vibrates.

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Sharon Carne is an author, international speaker, sound therapist, publisher, musician and recording artist. From 1988 to 2016, Sharon was a faculty member of The Conservatory, Mount Royal University. In 2008 her work changed direction. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness, the Sound Wellness Institute and co-founder of the Emergent Workforce Program. Through the Sound Wellness Institute, holistic health practitioners receive the highest level of competency training in Canada in using sound and music to support their practice. The Emergent Workforce program is dedicated to restoring wellbeing, community, purpose, creative collaboration, and kindness to the workforce.

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  • Starting a Writer/Author Blog | Mandy Eve-Barnett
  • The Truth About Rejections | Suzy Vadori
  • A Guide to Children’s Book Categories | Allison Gorner
  • Remembrance of Things Imperfect: Mars | Boris Glikman
  • Train into the Valley of Madness | Donald H Roberts
  • Three Stories | Liz Betz

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