Are you feeling fragmented these days?  We are all In our own little boxes, separate from one another, unable to get together to communicate, touch and see each other’s faces? The more fragmented we are, the more everything appears to be an enemy – nature, other people and our body.

We aren’t separated on a quantum or cosmic level, but we do need the material connection too.  Our true nature is connection to all that exists – ourselves, others, nature, the planet and the cosmos.

Patterns in nature can illustrate this for us. They appear everywhere, even in your body, which is part of nature. I suppose we can see it mostly easily in plants.  

Doctrine of Signatures

There is a theory called The Doctrine of Signatures, where the form and pattern of various plants, vegetables and fruits are similar to parts of the human body, often telling us what healing they provide. Some dismiss this as unscientific, but then we are ignoring that there are other ways of knowing.

How come a walnut looks like the pattern of a brain, and is good for the health of our brain? Is this an accident? Why are kidney beans good for kidneys? Why does a mushroom slice look like an ear and help improve hearing? These are interesting areas to explore. We know so little about the design of everything. Colours, scents and textures can also give clues to healing properties, but I’m mostly concentrating on patterns right now.

There is so much information and connection in patterns, even if they don’t illustrate a particular healing.   Think about tree rings telling us about the age and environmental conditions that the tree has experienced. A carrot slice has a similar appearance, but actually looks like an eye, and is good for your eyes.  Bare tree branches look like arteries and veins, and leaves have this appearance too.  There are so many patterns – rings, veins and spirals – in all of nature, including us. This cannot be an accident.  This suggests an overarching system or plan, an interconnected ecology. There is so much cosmic intelligence.

Webs and Systems

These patterns are vast and interconnected. Think of the far-reaching, unseen, complex web of fungi beneath the soil, connecting all vegetation, nourishing and communicating on a grand scale.  Think of the Milky Way.

We are an ecological system as well.  The fascia, bones and skin hold us together, and give us outer form, but we are at least 70% water, a whole lot of space, and a whole community of cells and micro-organisms.  Without these micro-organisms we would be dead. They make up more of us than human cells apparently, and they contribute to our development and evolution.

Where did we get the idea that we are separate from nature, that our body is some foreign entity we have to fight? Who decided we are all mind and a mechanical body just stumbling around in confusion? Did you know the heart has an electromagnetic field more powerful and far–reaching than the brain? We are electricity, energy and light, just like the cosmos. And yet we live in mind and fear, not heart and love.


So what structures and patterns do we have in our current society? They are not flexible, they are not alive.  Most of our modern cities exhibit this – square boxes, rigid lines, hard concrete, tall buildings blocking out the sky and the sun, and dirty, dull gray streets.  There is no nourishment, no absorption: it’s all surface, it’s all runoff.

Sure we have our little patches of green where, until recent times at least, we could gather and jam ourselves together to try and remember that we are part of nature. Nature should not be conceived as just some entertainment that we occasionally “do for fun.”

Our societal structures try to get us to forget who we are. There is no inner. Everything comes from the outside – the healthcare, the learning, the rules and regulations. We take things apart to see how they tick. We don’t consider the whole, the connections.

We disrupt the patterns with these fragmentation methods, and this doesn’t seem to be serving us anymore.  We are not free to follow our own authority, intuition or knowingness.  We look to be saved by the “other.” We live in fear.

Imagine walking down a hard sidewalk to visit a cold building, to see some bureaucrat tell us what we can and cannot do. The path is laid out for us. Does this feel inspiring or life-giving?

Now, imagine walking down a path in the woods, where the soil is cushioning, where there is variety, and where there may be many paths to follow.  We may be surprised by an unexpected visitor, feel wonder and awe, and be inspired. There is beauty in the complexity and the unknowing.

Our Planet

There is beauty in the cosmos, of which we know little. The Earth is part of this infinite universe, with its stars and spirals and intelligence. Why did you choose to live on Earth if you wanted to be separate from it? Why not choose another planet?  I’m sure there are many in infinite space.

We are Earthlings, along with all the other beings here. We are part of an ecological system, a community of humans, animals, trees, rocks, everything. And how can we be separate when we are made of the same stuff as everything else? The minerals in rocks are the minerals in us. Why would we want to disconnect ourselves from all the dynamic processes, patterns and webs of the universe?

We’ve forgotten how everything is a whole. We are interdependent. Society has taught us isolation, fear and separation.  It’s like the planet is just a substrate, not integral to us.

We’ve forgotten our power of connection, of heart and ingenuity.  We’ve forgotten to trust in ourselves, in life, in death. We’ve forgotten there is no death, only renewal.


So what repeating patterns do you see? What ones connect to your body and to other beings in nature? What wholeness can you discover in yourself and all that is?

Has society destroyed you, or are you willing to put the pieces back together and send out tendrils of curiosity and love to all that is around you?

Imagine you are part of everything and feel that strength inside you. See yourself through the eyes of a pattern in nature. Feel the branches of a tree as your arteries and veins, or as the bronchi in your lungs. Connect. Reach for wholeness.

Feel your spirit. Own your power.

Remember your true nature.

By Maggie Marshall

Maggie Marshall helps you in remembering your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.

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