Have We Been Taught to Believe in DEATH?

As a mere mortal, we appear to be subject to death, the end. Logically, that limp body appeared lifeless, something different from the person I loved. Inside my brain, I stared at him in numb disbelief, and knew he was gone. But where did “he” go, because I was still holding his hand.

I witnessed the blood drain from his face, turning his skin gray, his warmth vanishing shortly after. And then I was left with a dichotomy of thoughts that ran amuck inside my mind. His body is here, but he is gone. I have spent months reconciling the rich emotions of grief, tight roping or the act of funambulism, both peace and pain along the fence of neuroscience and spirituality. 

Being raised in the west, I find my mind often seeks scientific explanation. Even though I realize that science has surpassed many of our western beliefs, I then ponder if we get stuck in a way of thinking that is restricting. Is it possible our outdated beliefs become a form of emotional baggage? And we understand how our baggage causes us to suffer.
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