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Have you heard of Progressive Writing?

I had an interview in 2019 with writer, Stella Constance who has coined this new writing style.

What is the definition of Progressive Writing (PW)?

Stella: It is a genre. Progressive writing (fictional and non-fictional work) looks at domestic, community, regional, or world problem(s), while offering possible viable solution(s) to begin dialogue and planning on the subject. PW can create a forum for the readers to begin the process of brainstorming possible viable solutions for their families, communities, governments, or businesses as an innovative and living process of positive engagement and goal setting. 

A rare form of educational writing, not many people have the ability or the skill. It may take a long time to write, because of the heavy research involved, besides the high requirement for creativity to make the idea work and transferable to readers.

“The Power of Progressive Writing is in positively changing people’s lives.”

“The exploration of ethical possibilities is a place where the writing world becomes the social experiment of a possible higher evolution for humanity, in the creation of more sustainable interpersonal interactions, with oneself, between one another and other species.”

How and when was Progressive Writing discovered and who coined the term?

Stella: I had discovered and coined the term when I noticed that select writings had certain distinct characteristics that separated them from other writings that gives them multi-generational appeal and enduring value, sometimes even increasing their value with the passage of time because readers feel that they need that reminder or learning to improve their situations. 

I first introduced the Progressive Writing genre during the 2018 When Words Collide Festival in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on August 11, 2018.

What makes Progressive Writing unique and can you cite some examples of this type of writing?

Stella: The ideas shared can break long-existing barriers of problem-solving opportunities and create social and physical scientific innovation. It can effectively offer possible (social/economic) solutions that can solve existing contributing factors, that create current repeating local/world problems. The process of progressive writing can also identify the factors that create fractals and the amplification of problems brought on by those identified social determinants (that is, the precursors that create the events). In order to solve any problem, one has to be able to identify the root(s) or source(s) of the problem. Progressive writing provides a social experimental process, similar to the scientific method; and/or a physical environmental experimentation process of trying out new ideas in a context.

Progressive Writing genre articles and stories increase in value over time, where they enter into the realm of classics and collectibles, such as Eknath Easwaran’s Your Life is Your Message and Ida Delage’s Weeny Witch. These two out-of-print books worth at the time under $15.00 are now worth as a collectible in the hundreds of dollars, many times past their original selling value.

Various Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek novels and screenplays created original ideas that gave subsequent physical scientific innovations, such as the iPhone, iPad, lasers (medical and defense), etc. Roddenberry also demonstrated social scientific innovations in some of his TV/movie episodes and novels, on how to create better, more compassionate intercultural interactions, with some new possibilities on how to diffuse intercultural conflicts with historically pro-war cultures, such as the Klingons and Romulans.

“An optimist realist see injuries as preventable, building a healthy construct beyond the status quo.”

Is there a future for this type of writing? Do you foresee this as a new genre?

Stella: With the forecast by world scientists of preventable regional environmental disasters spreading around the world in the next 32 years (desertification/barrenness), primarily marked with the vast global extinction of the biodiversity of oceanic/continental animals and plants, it is also predicted that many human civilizations will be collapsing along with them; hence, this type of writing will be in high demand. More people will want to brainstorm more possible solutions that can address real-world problems, regardless of where they are in the world.

The Progressive Writings have existed already for many years through the works of various authors. However, there has been no specific genre to group them together, until now. Hence, the development of the genre is to group these quality writings to help the readers and institutions find these types of high performance reading materials that can withstand the test of time for their adding positive value to the lives of those they will affect. This is why people are willing to pay a lot of money to access that knowledge, especially when it is hard to find and not easily accessible, such as when they are out-of-print. These types of very select books are literally worth their weight in gold, as time will tell. So, how much is Hope worth?

Thanks, Stella!

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