Manifesting Bookends or Money – Is it the Same?

Why can I manifest bookends but not money?

To answer this question I first have to tell you a little story about how I manifested the perfect bookends in only 3 days.

As I organized my bookshelf one day, I was admiring the bookend that I inherited from my mother after she passed away a few years ago. I love that bookend and it evokes a strong emotional feeling of gratitude in me. I think of my mom and her book that she wrote, and her love of science and philosophy. It is the only bookend that I have and I thought that maybe I should look for a couple more to add to my science/metaphysics section of the shelf. I had only the ‘feeling’ of the type of bookends that I was looking for ; all I really knew was that they had to have the same ‘feel’ as my current bookend from my mom. 

I looked online at Amazon and Walmart and I kept my eyes open in every store that I walked into,  but nothing resonated with me. But most importantly, I did not ‘worry’ that I would not find them, and I wasn’t anxious. Instead, I had only decided that I wanted 2 bookends that would be perfect for my bookshelf,  and I let the thought go. 

A couple of days later when I took my garbage out to the garbage shed here at my condo complex, I saw a box beside the garbage. It was gently placed there in hopes that someone would take these lovingly donated items, and that they not end up in the garbage. On top of the contents in the box were two wood owl bookends. 

I smiled and thanked the Universe as I lifted them out of the box. They could not be more PERFECT! They were owls. My mom loved owls! 

The key here is that I didn’t worry whether I was going to find what I needed, and I was not doubting it either ; I just let it be and the Universe orchestrated their arrival and timing just for me.

I have since decided what I want my financial picture to look like and I am just letting it go to the Universe now. 

Using the same method that I used for the Owl Bookends, I am making a place and a purpose for the money in my life. I know that it will be there just as I have asked for it.

My only task is take Inspired Action so that I can line up with its arrival.

So, let’s chat about the Law of Attraction. Go ahead and share your experiences in the comments below. I look forward to your thoughts.

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Cindy DeJager is the publisher of Opal magazines. She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island with her beautiful little cat-soul mate, Sophia.
Cindy is retired and is passionate about creating the Opal magazines, and she believes in living by the Art of Allowing.

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