Marketing Steps

I’m not marketing – I’m generating mail for myself.

(as written by my inside voice).

I really should but I don’t want to: (what it really means):

It’s hard to do, I don’t have time, I’m not good at this, I wish I had an agent or knew what they want. Let’s put it off to a better time, or, I’ll get it done soon–aka let’s procrastinate some more.

Bite the bullet and do it: (what it really means)

Then be crazy waiting for the response; get the e-mail back and wonder if the story should be improved first, and then not send it out again for a long time.

Get it out there: (what it really means):

Do it again.

Think of it as generating mail. Do I not usually get a note back when I submit? Your submission has been received.  We are looking forward to reading your work.

I’m not marketing – I’m generating mail for myself. That makes it so much easier than pressuring myself to advance my writing career. I’m generating mail. That’s all I have to do. Sometimes I hit send, sometimes it is a button labeled submit. It’s a tap from the finger. I can do this.


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Marketing Steps
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