Strolling along the beach with my doggie,
I came upon a goldfish in its bowl,
floating along the edge of the ocean.

Someone had obviously taken pity on their imprisoned pet
and granted it a taste of unbound freedom,
deluding the little fish into thinking it was swimming without restraint.

At once it struck me . . .

This is what my own existence has been all along;
all the while convinced I was swimming freely in the ocean of life;
in actuality, stuck in an impermeable cell, carried along by the currents.

The world embraces me in all its sublime radiance,
sustaining my delusion that I, too, am a vital part of it all.
Yet the rich waters of life cannot penetrate the bowl;
nor can I escape the hermetic confinement.

BORIS GLIKMAN is a writer, poet and philosopher from Melbourne, Australia. His stories, poems and non-fiction articles have been published in various online and print publications, as well as being featured on national radio and other radio programs. He says: “Writing for me is a spiritual activity of the highest degree. Writing gives me the conduit to a world that is unreachable by any other means, a world that is populated by Eternal Truths, Ineffable Questions and Infinite Beauty. It is my hope that these stories of mine will allow the reader to also catch a glimpse of this universe.”

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