**Energy and Light-Workers
** Holistic Practitioners!

Are you looking for a marketing platform to sell and promote your products and services?

Opal Rising magazine has a ground-floor opportunity for you to partner with us to grow your business.

We Offer:

  • Monthly article
    Reach your audience with a 300-word article
  • Monthly advertisement
    We will design a 1/4 page advertisement that will appear on the same page with your article
  • Access to an Editor
    So, not everyone is a perfect writer. If you need help tweaking your article for the magazine, I am here to help you.
  • Free monthly digital magazine
  • To share with your customers
  • Social media marketing (includes promotion of your articles on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Website, and Instagram platforms)
    We will also create social media marketing links for you to use in your own social media channels, thus increasing your exposure and visibility exponentially.
  • Weekly newsletter
    Our weekly newsletter is delivered to our new subscribers every Tuesday. If you already have a newsletter of your own, let’s join forces and increase our circulation. Everyone benefits.

Introductory Offer

I am really excited about the Opal Rising magazine and so I am delighted to offer any Light-worker or Holistic Health practitioner an opportunity to use the Opal Rising magazine to market and promote your products and services.

The Value of this Introductory Offer would be something like this:

  • Monthly article with 1/4 page advertisement $320
  • Editor Fee $50/hour
  • Social media marketing and customized marketing links $99
  • Weekly Newsletter promotion $10

Add it up: $479 / month

My offer for all of this – a beautiful digital magazine that you can share with your customers, your article and advertisement, social media promotion and links, and a weekly newsletter – all for:

* $255 a month

or sign up for 3 months at $650

I am so confident that you will LOVE your new marketing plan that I will include a free month when you sign up for a 3-month plan!

* This is limited time offer only

Contact Cindy at

Please note that the Opal Rising magazine (PDF version) is paused for the summer months and will resume with the September issue.
I’ll still be publishing those writers who wish to work over the summer months, but their posts will be seen here on the website only.
Don’t Forget: Our submission deadline for the SEPTEMBER issue is JULY 30th.


  • Energy and Health: Part Two
    By Emily Matweow The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.   Dalai Lama  Summary of The Basics We Have a Physical Body and an Energy Body The physical and the energy body… Read More
  • Oh dear! What will the neighbours think?
    Do you worry about what other people will think about you? Do you worry about what they’ll think of your choices? Or the choices of your partner, your children, your siblings – or anyone else, for fear that there’s a “guilt by association” issue?
  • We are Losing our Minds
    I spent a week with a friend who has dementia. She was a vibrant, energetic, super intelligent woman, who used to be a terrific teacher.  And now she can’t remember for two minutes what is happening today, or where she put something, or what she just asked you. Whose is this?  What is this for? What show are we watching?

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