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Moonstone Lightworks

Crystal Dawn is the founder of Moonstone Lightworks based on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.  She is a lightworker who loves to share the science behind energy modalities. With a professional background in chemistry, Crystal has also studied astrology and energy healing for over 30 years and currently practices intuitive astrology, tarot, crystals and reiki with her clients. 


Liberty Forrest

Fiction Author and Anthologist

Award-Winning Author | Fiction Author | Short Fiction Editor | Join in the Latest of My Fiction “Anthologies With A Twist!”



Sharon Carne

Sharon Carne is an author, international speaker, sound therapist, publisher, musician and recording artist. From 1988 to 2016, Sharon was a faculty member of The Conservatory, Mount Royal University. In 2008 her work changed direction. Sharon is the founder of Sound Wellness, the Sound Wellness Institute and co-founder of the Emergent Workforce Program. Through the Sound Wellness Institute, holistic health practitioners receive the highest level of competency training in Canada in using sound and music to support their practice. The Emergent Workforce program is dedicated to restoring wellbeing, community, purpose, creative collaboration, and kindness to the workforce.

Welcome to the Sound Wellness Institute

Welcome to Sound Wellness

Maggie Marshall

Maggie Marshall helps you remember your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences.
She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.


Emily Matweow

I believe people have the ability to reach a place where all things are possible.
A place where becoming the best you were designed to be means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is your birthright.
My own magical transformation came suddenly, in 1990, when I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and told I’d be hearing and vision impaired – lucky if only a paraplegic. Today, I’m an avid deep-water photographer, a classically trained pianist, I engage in competitive Latin dancing, and amongst other things, am getting better with each canvas I paint!
I’m living proof that what others said was impossible for me – was not true.
My journey to wellness evoked a deep desire to help people have profound healing experiences. I have committed my life to helping people break-through their healing crises and their limiting beliefs to live the full potential of their lives.


Boris Glikman

Boris Glikman is a writer, poet and philosopher from Melbourne, Australia. His stories, poems and non-fiction articles have been published in various online and print publications, as well as being featured on national radio and other radio programs.

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