June 2021

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Opal Writers’ Magazine Welcomes a New Writer!

Mandy Eve-Barnett

Mandy will be joining the Opal Writers’ magazine in July with a new series of articles on blogging for authors.

Watch for her new article in the July issue!

Browse some of the articles:


Writing For Radio

Use words that crackle and crunchThey’re the tools of the trade. Imagery is important as you build your story. You speak and the tale becomes real. That’s the power of imagination. Talk to your audience as if they’re sitting across…

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A Long Lost Fairy Tale

Ok. This is, or at least it could be a, Once Upon A Time, story, but hey, that opening is really over worked and some one not so long ago even made a TV series out of it. So I’ll…

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(Woman Well Set Free!) Mary Bailey allowed herself to be led by a man with a lung disease down to a small cell on the shores of the Ganges as if she was born to it.True, her varicose vein was…

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spider and web


The Spider and The Cobweb on the ceiling ,the man in her life,Staring at the insect, for her survival, Her eyes couldn’t blink watching her new friend,Her day would pass murmuring to the insect, Love like Termite was feeding her…

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rose on book

Mirror Soul Reflections

I feel I was doing this all alone. The whole time since we met, maybe I was doing this all alone. What I feel for you, I donno, a sacred connection, an unexplainable bond, an instant pull that defies the…

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Remembrance of Things Imperfect

It is the middle of a sunny summer day.I am running down the stairs,quickly and excitedly,with my neighbours following me. We all want to see the Sun.It just fell down in the front yard. I saw it coming down,like an…

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