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November 2021

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Creating a Compelling Content Strategy

It’s overwhelming to start a content campaign. It becomes more overwhelming to continue when all your hard work doesn’t produce results. While there are many paid services to consider, many can be out of reach financially.

Crafting Query Letters

An exceptional query letter can propel your manuscript to representation and a publishing contract. A query letter’s purpose is to persuade an editor or an agent to read your manuscript—to invest their time in your work. It needs to be seductive and contain charming persuasion. It is a sales letter and displays your book as a marketable product.

Maintaining and Growing a Successful Writer Blog

Maintaining and Growing a Successful Writer Blog By Mandy E. Barnett Once you have set up your blog and identified your target audience and know what theme/topics you will cover, you need to maintain it. One of the most important tasks is to ensure you have a regular schedule, so your readers know when to […]

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December 2021 Issue >> October 30th deadline

Submissions email: opalwritersmagazine@gmail.com

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