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3 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make

There are three extremely common problems that stop new authors in their tracks and can keep you from ever finishing or successfully publishing your book. Solve these and you’ll write stronger drafts, improve your chances of publication, and enjoy more positive reader reviews no matter how your book gets to market.


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Opal Writers Magazine DECEMBER 2021

Feature Author Doug Lawrence, You Are Not Alone, Mental Health Mentors Take the Journey With You



Train Into the Valley of Madness Episode 1

The Conductor strode easily up and down the aisle of the train moving from car to car assisting where needed and admonishing where necessary. Mostly he simply observed, but his attention had a shadow to it masked with a sly grin.

Train into the Valley of Madness – Beginning

The Train into the Valley of Madness By Donald H. Roberts, The Barrie Island Story Teller BEGINNING All Aboard The ancient steam locomotive chugged into the station. The seven passenger cars emitted dozens of chattering, cheerful, grumpy, and noisy passengers with a hundred different versions of their experience aboard the Valley Of Dreams tour train. […]

The Train Into the Valley of Madness Episode 2

Samantha Bleck watched the world chug by slowly. She was lost in a dream that fit nicely into the scenery just past the window. The book in her hands was her own, a murder mystery she had written that somehow fit perfectly into this strange journey to nowhere. It was like her imagination was coming true and as if somewhere aboard the train was a killer ready to play out the scene she had written in chapter three. She wondered if her book could have been a premonition, but how could that be since she had decided to take the tour on a whim.


DECEMBER Writing Prompt

The (Virtually) Real Life BY BORIS GLIKMAN I recall that day well. My friends and I were checking out an abandoned, run-down mansion on the outskirts of town and that’s when we noticed that strange, inexplicable things were beginning to happen… Every time we open a door to some room to take another look at […]

Welcome to the Machine

A young man, in the full flower of his youth, comes across extremely lengthy, complicated and abstruse instructions on how to construct an apparatus of some kind. He becomes intrigued and then obsessed by these instructions and devotes all of his hours to the building of this contraption, the function and purpose of which he […]


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