Involving One

This group of flash fiction stories have ‘one’ thing in common. They are stories that mainly feature one person. Something happens to this one person and because of that a change occurs. In the first story, all it takes is a look for the protagonist to become defensive.

Some of the Excuses

Through the years I have become well read on the topic of procrastination and have seen the benefits of my studies. This specific area of knowledge pops up in these three flash fictions.

Story Talk

It is inspirational to me when I learn of a story’s background. What was the story seed? How were the challenges met? These three flash fiction stories include my author notes which allow a peek into my process, inspiration and decisions.

Tips on Character Development

Once you’ve decided on the story you want to tell and the genre you’ll use to do it, it’s time to get clear on your characters and on making them compelling. They are essential to the success of your novel, as they’ll bring it to life like nothing else.

Hit Me With a Galaxy

For years and years; possibly ten, one of my stand-by writing activities was the collecting of resources. One project was to fill a whole scribbler with titles that caught my attention. I had five binders (big fat two-inchers!) of printed pages from online sources and the writer books, filled three bookshelves all by themselves. Another bookcase housed the non-fiction resource book overflow.

Show, Don’t Tell…and Other Writing Shibboleths

“Show, Don’t Tell”, “Conflict-Resolution”and Other Writing Shibboleths By BORIS GLIKMAN Seemingly we live in progressive, liberal times, where everything is questioned and nothing is taken on faith, yet in one area of our endeavours we still are beholden to arbitrary rules and regulations, which we accept as absolute truth and as some kind of sacrosanct… Read More

The Um’s and Ah’s of Writing

Have you ever been excited to read a book, only to find you’ve read chapter one three times and you just can’t get into it? There are dozens of reasons the writing might not grab you, but it could be as simple as the writer including too many filler words. These words creep into all kinds of writing, and can trip up your reader. But they’re easy to fix once you know where to look for them, so keep reading to find out how…


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