Remembrance of Things Imperfect -Earth

Remembrance of Things Imperfect – Mercury by Boris Glikman


Gabi Lubon I travel down, far down that even the light may never find me. I take a pickaxe to stone and hit time and time again until rock breaks to reveal gems. I hit until a light pokes through, so far down where light does not exist but simply is.The light is a being… Read More

A Remembrance of Things Imperfect: Earth

It is the start of a pleasant summer afternoon. I am running down the stairs,quickly and excitedly,with my neighbours following me.We all want to see the Earth.It has just landed in the backyard. There it is,lying in thepile of top-grade manuremy mum boughtat a garden supplies shop. The world’s populationis jostling around it,all trying to… Read More

Ocean in a Fishbowl


Strolling along the beach with my doggie,I came upon a goldfish in its bowl,floating along the edge of the ocean. Someone had obviously taken pity on their imprisoned petand granted it a taste of unbound freedom,deluding the little fish into thinking it was swimming without restraint. At once it struck me . . . This… Read More


It is the beginning of a mild spring evening. I am running down the stairs,quickly and excitedly,with my neighbours following me. We all want to see Mercury.It just fell down in the front yard. There it is,lying on the ground,crushing the mail boxes it landed on. It looks forlorn and lost,like a teacher’s petdeprived of… Read More

spider and web


The Spider and The Cobweb on the ceiling ,the man in her life,Staring at the insect, for her survival, Her eyes couldn’t blink watching her new friend,Her day would pass murmuring to the insect, Love like Termite was feeding her Heart,She was smiling with sparkling eyelids after long, Like band of colours portraying different emotion,She… Read More


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