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Read it again…

Writing | Allison Gorner:

Creating Emotionally Rich Characters

The characters we create don’t come into being on the first page of the manuscript, they need backstories full of brokenness, just like us. The emotional events in a character’s past will determine the decisions she makes, how she acts, and the lies she tells herself.

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5 Types of Supporting Characters

You’ve nailed down your main character and constructed a worthy adversary and now need to flesh out the cast and people in your book. You need more characters.

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WHY Your Book Needs a Logline

A logline boils your entire story down to a single, easily understood concept. In about 25-50 words, it captures the essence of the story in one sentence and is the first description of a film or book that the audience will encounter.

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10 Tips for Receiving Critique with Resilience

Having fellow writers and professionals read and critique your work is a necessary step on the way to publication, but hearing all that is wrong with the words you poured your heart and soul into can feel stressful and disheartening. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you embrace the critique with resilience (the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties), a possibly stressful situation can turn into a learning opportunity and launch you onto the path to becoming a better writer.

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Writing | Suzy Vadori:

Suzy Vadori

The Truth About Rejections

Agents and publishers get thousands of submissions each year and can’t possibly read them all with equal consideration.

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Squashing Writers Block

If your writing isn’t going as well as you’d like, know that you’re not alone. Most writers, if not all, will experience times when their writing doesn’t “get done”.

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The Um’s and Ah’s of Writing

Have you ever been excited to read a book, only to find you’ve read chapter one three times and you just can’t get into it? There are dozens of reasons the writing might not grab you, but it could be as simple as the writer including too many filler words. These words creep into all kinds of writing, and can trip up your reader. But they’re easy to fix once you know where to look for them, so keep reading to find out how…

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