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Saturday Reads…

Let’s dive into the fiction archives today!
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AND JOURNEY THROUGH THE YUKERSNOK MIRE 1 The actual moment of realization cannot be pinned down to an exact time. It happened over a vast period and came to fullness only when it was all over.Aders Drin banged his head on a low hanging branch as he rode his horse along a supposedly well-manicured bridle…

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The Caterpilion


There once was a Caterpillar who was thoroughly sick of always being stuck near the bottom of the food chain. All the other animals—birds, moles, lizards, frogs and spiders—would hunger for his soft, succulent sausage-like body, licking their lips avidly in anticipation of a delicious meal. Even the tiny ants posed a mortal danger to…

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Embrace the Light


“No, my friend. There is nothing in it that you don’t already know. The problem is you have not allowed yourself to see the whole picture, only those parts that are easiest to see and touch. But if you were to open your spirit you would discover those parts that are nestled in the depths…

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