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October 2021

Crafting Query Letters | Allison Gorner

Born Again and Again and Again | Cappy Hall Rearick

Remembrance of Things Imperfect: Meteor| Boris Glikman

I Should Wear a Warning Label | Sheila S Hudson

Maintaining and Growing a Successful Writer Blog | Mandy Eve Barnett

Create a Compelling Content Strategy | Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Train into the Valley of Madness: Episode One | Donald H Roberts

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Crafting Query Letters

A query letter’s purpose is to persuade an editor or an agent to read your manuscript—to invest their time in our work. It needs to be seductive and contain charming persuasion. It is a sales letter and displays your book as a marketable product. The following steps will help you craft a successful query letter.

Cappy H Rearick

Born Again and Again and Again

Whether no one in the free world realizes it or not, writing is work. It is hard work, carved out not in one sitting but in painfully slow creative sentences until finally ‘The End’ is pecked out at the bottom of a page. Only then can a writer smile. Me?
I’m usually too tired to manage even that. Digging coal with a pickaxe deep in a West Virginia mine might be tougher than digging ideas out of my head, but ten to one a coal miner sleeps like a rock at night. Me? Not so much.
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Remembrance of Things Imperfect: Meteor

Sheila S Hudson

I Should Wear a Warning Label

I confess. I am a writer. I have been one for over 25 years. I am unable to stop. No amount of counseling has
helped. I am hopelessly addicted to paper and ink. In my research, I’ve discovered others suffering this same obsession. I propose a solution. In order to save our reputations and unnecessary verbiage, writers with this malady should always display and wear upon their person — warning labels.
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Mandy Eve Barnett

Maintaining and Growing a Successful Writer Blog

Once you have set up your blog and identified your target audience and know what theme/topics you will
cover, now you need to maintain it. One of the most important tasks is to ensure you have a regular schedule, so your readers know when to expect a post from you. Set days and times that are manageable for your lifestyle and time constraints. Be realistic about how much time you can give to your blog, do not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals. Posts can be weekly, monthly or quarterly – as long as the schedule is recurring.
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Train Into the Valley of Madness: Episode One

No one ever knows a train conductors name and few ever concern themselves with discovering it, so
throughout this story the man who is the second most significant person aboard the train will be identified simply as, the Conductor.

The Conductor strode easily up and down the aisle of the train moving from car to car assisting where needed and admonishing where necessary. Mostly he simply observed, but his attention had a shadow to it masked with a sly grin.

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Create a Compelling Content Strategy in 3 CRITICAL sections

How Do You Create Compelling Content for Your Target Audience To Love and Consume?
It sounds easy, but it can quickly become daunting, especially when thinking about all the competition
scrambling to capture their attention too.
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