Spring Cleaning: Reset Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit


In honour of the season, this article is focused on Spring Cleaning. After a long winter, the return of spring inspires so many people to feel the urge to clean things out and restore freshness. As life returns to nature and the days get longer, our metabolism begins to speed up and so do we.

As we shake off the sluggishness of winter, we start to feel the urge for spring cleaning. Not only of our home or environment, but of our bodies as well.

The appropriate use of sound or music is a fabulous way to help you restore or reset to your natural patterns. What does that mean? What is a natural pattern?

Your entire being was designed to perform in perfect harmony. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit know how to be healthy. Every part of your being dances its particular rhythm and tone of health in a natural pattern. Examples are your heart rhythm, your brainwaves, your digestive cycles, times of the day when your meridians are most active, sleep rhythms and so many more.

In our fast-paced busy lives, there are many situations that can cause your natural harmony, and your natural patterns, to fall out of tune. Stress is one of the biggest causes of our systems falling out of their natural rhythms. And we have certainly had many reasons for increased stress in our lives over the past two years.

Human beings are incredible harmonizers! We harmonize with so many things in our environment, like a co-worker who always complains. We harmonize with thoughts and beliefs, like, ‘everything is so hard’ or ‘I always get sick during the holidays’.

When you harmonize with stress or ‘Busy’, you end up with:

  • sleepless nights
  • catching every cold and flu that comes around
  • muscle aches and pains
  • getting upset easily
  • and more…

This is the dark side of how you harmonize with what is around you. As you know, everything has its opposite.

On the light side, you thrive on harmony. Like listening to a song that makes you feel like melting into the floor. Or smelling a rose. Or standing on the shore and watching the waves flow in. Or gazing at the stars in wonder.

Your soul needs this! So does every other part of you! When your soul is fed with harmony, your whole being responds with health and wellbeing!

And you end up with

  • calm
  • centredness
  • presence
  • connection
  • happiness
  • peace

Natural patterns exist everywhere in the universe, from the natural patterns within the creation of galaxies to the patterns within an atom and everything in between. Life would not function without natural patterns.

Sound is one of your greatest allies in restoring and maintaining natural patterns. Here are just a few things that it can do for you:

  • change body chemistry
  • support cellular function
  • stimulate hormonal balance
  • create mental clarity
  • manage pain
  • calm or energize the emotional state
  • create spiritual connection

So, I have a gift for you this month! It is a link to my recording called “Reset”. This 12 and a half minute track contains some of the most powerful sounds I know. My intention in creating this sound was to support you to ‘reset’ your body, mind, emotions and spirit to a higher vibration. And to stimulate the natural healing ability of the body.

Here is a list of the powerful healing sounds in “Reset” and why they are there:


You’ll hear the sound of softly bubbling water to calm you, reconnect you with nature and wash away what is no longer desired.

The perfect 5th tuning forks C (256 Hz) and G (384 Hz):

One of the effects this sound has at a physical level is that it stimulates your cells to produce and release nitric oxide – in less than 30 seconds! This natural cycle is one of your body’s essential natural cycles for health and wellbeing.  This cycle is suppressed when you are tired, ill, or under stress.

Here are some of the benefits you experience when this cycle is operating normally:

  • Relief from stress, more energy and stamina.
  • The autonomic nervous system is balanced giving you better clarity of mind, less depression.
  • Nitric oxide strengthens the immune system.
  • Circulation is improved.
  • You have better digestion.

The Medicine Buddha Mantra 

You’ll hear me chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra along with the sound of the Perfect 5th Tuning Forks. This mantra calls in assistance for healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The 528 Hz Tuning Fork

The frequency, 528 Hz, is used by genetic engineers to repair DNA. It also supports your heart and your heart chakra. The heart chakra, is the ‘grand central station’ of your entire energetic system. Among its many functions, it supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. 

My Diamond / Rose Quartz singing crystal bowl.

This bowl is made of clear quartz crystal with diamond and rose quartz bonded to the outside of the bowl. The energy of diamond is brilliance, soul, truth, clarity and integrity. The rose quartz softens the brilliance of the diamond with heart energy. The sound of this bowl connects you at a very high spiritual level through the field, giving a strong connection to your soul.

The link to Reset is below. If these sounds appeal to you, try listening a few times. See if it makes a difference in how you feel. Have fun! And keep me posted on how they work for you.


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