Myles to Go Before We Eat

Myles To Go Before We Eat

CAPPY HALL REARICK Happy Thanksgiving to All Our U.S. Friends Mayflower Captain Myles Standish is the reason for holiday stress. In August, he invited the Indians to a Labor Day party, got them roaring drunk hoping they would tell him where the wild turkeys hung out. Promising more firewater, he then talked them into teaching …

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A witch for all seasons

A Witch for All Seasons

Georgia Faye is seated at my kitchen table scrutinizing my face as if she’s on a mission from God. “Don’t you think it’s about time a nip and tuck?”

September Song for a Butterfly

September Song for a Butterfly

I learned recently that a dear man, an old poet I once knew, had died. This morning I woke up remembering the day I met him.

Jill of All Trade Schools

Jill of All Trade Schools

When it comes to reinventing herself, Jill could write a how-to book. Among other things, she is into metaphysics, so she sees her frequent metamorphoses as normal. She calls it continuing education; I call it neurotic cramming.

Coping with COVID

Some of my friends are fighting a hard battle with depression. “We’re tired of sheltering in place,” they say, “sick of the isolation. There's nothing to look forward to except another day just like the day before.”