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Energy and Health: Part Two

By Emily Matweow

The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.  

Dalai Lama 

Summary of The Basics

We Have a Physical Body and an Energy Body

The physical and the energy body overlap each other.

When the physical body doesn’t have any energy in it, we say it is “dead”.

It is the “energy” that makes the bag of skin and bones get up and walk around.

When the “energy” body gets sick, it often shows up as “ailments” in the physical body.

Physical Body Healers

The traditional approach has been to fix ailments of the physical body using “the knife” and “drugs” as the primary types of intervention.  Physical body healers almost always need the physical body present to do their diagnostics and healing interventions.

Doctors aren’t trained to recognize energy body ailments or treat them, they have to wait until the energy body problem starts affecting the physical body (e.g. stress causes high blood pressure and heart problems that are then treated with drugs; anxiety/fear causes digestion/ulcer problems that are treated with drugs etc.).

The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.

Ayn Rand

Energy Body Healers

Many physical body ailments can also be dealt with on the energy level that caused them – sometimes even before the physical body starts breaking down.  Energy body ailments are things that can’t be “touched” in reality, but we know they exist and are real.  For example, our “emotions” can’t be touched, but they are very real.    

Energy healers are trained to identify problems (imbalances) with our energy bodies and can deal with the energy body problems in different ways. Some energy healing professionals need to have the physical body present to do their work.  For example, an acupuncturist will stick pins into various energy flow points in the physical body to “adjust the flow” and put it back into balance. 

Other types of energy body healers can analyze energy body problems and perform interventions without having to be in the presence of the physical body. That’s because your energy body is not jailed inside your physical body – it extends outside of it. For example, while a campfire has a physical location, the heat it puts out (its energy) can still be felt some distance away from the fire itself.  Heat sensing machines can identify the campfire heat from long distances and even through buildings (like we see on TV when special ‘goggles’ see people in a distant building). Some energy healers are like very sensitive heat measuring machines and can actually detect an individual person’s energy from a long distance and through physical matter.

In the same way that many radio stations transmit their signals at the same time, your radio can tune-in to one of those stations so you hear only “country music”.  Every person is an “original”, a one-and-only.  They each have a unique energy signature that some energy healers, when they focus, can detect and separate from all the other noise.  Just like a radio.  That’s how they can do their work on a person’s energy body without having to be in the presence of that person’s physical body.

What Only You Can Be Responsible For

Energy from outside the body (e.g. cell phone related microwaves, florescent lights, nearby hydro lines, toxic people, perceptions and beliefs etc.) bombard the body and disrupt normal energy flows. While it is true that “the body was designed to heal itself”, an increasingly toxic modern environment puts greater demands upon us to release our inherited limitations and strengthen and better maintain our body’s energy systems than ever before.

About Emily Matweow

I believe people have the ability to reach a place where all things are possible.
A place where becoming the best you were designed to be means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is your birthright.
My own magical transformation came suddenly, in 1990, when I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and told I’d be hearing and vision impaired – lucky if only a paraplegic. Today, I’m an avid deep-water photographer, a classically trained pianist, I engage in competitive Latin dancing, and amongst other things, am getting better with each canvas I paint!
I’m living proof that what others said was impossible for me – was not true.
My journey to wellness evoked a deep desire to help people have profound healing experiences. I have committed my life to helping people break-through their healing crises and their limiting beliefs to live the full potential of their lives.

The Energy of Life (is like a lightbulb)

By Emily Matweow

An ordinary light bulb is a delicate physical object. Nothing particularly striking about it by itself.

However, when we put electrical energy into it… almost magically, light is created. A rainbow of colours is possible, in varying degrees of brightness. Together, the bulb and the energy became something beautiful – and useful to humankind.

The human body is much like a light bulb – a delicate and complex physical object. A human body with no energy running through it is said to be dead – called a “cadaver”.

A Tibetan monk once gave a student a set of meditation beads made from bone, then promptly took them back and threw them on the ground. He asked the student, “What do you think it would take to have those bones get up and walk around?” The dumb-founded student couldn’t imagine. Was there some secret mystical teaching about to be revealed? After a period of silence, the monk said, “Whatever it is that would make those bones get up and walk around, is the same thing that is making your ‘bag of bones’ get up and walk around.”

It takes “energy” to animate a cadaver (i.e. have it get up and walk around). Not just any energy – life energy.

The Western world’s medicine or “science of life” was founded in large part by dissecting cadavers – dead bodies. Much was learned about the mechanics of how bones worked with tendons and muscle tissue, how blood was circulated, that a network of nerves permeated the body, and much more. Anchored in this kind of early research, Western medical practitioners became excellent “mechanics” – trauma experts of the first degree.

However, what was absent from the cadavers, and what students of early Western medicine couldn’t study, was – energy. You see, by definition, there is no energy in a dead body. The energy pathways disappeared. How energy flowed in the body remained unknown to these people of the knife.

The “science of life”, studied for centuries in the Eastern world, saw human beings as “energy systems”. For example, acupuncture evolved as a direct physical intervention into a body’s electrical grid aimed at balancing out of whack electricity that was creating specific problems in the body. The electrical charge and contents of different foods and drinks all became part of an Oriental medical practitioner’s arsenal of healing tools – he was an “electrician” for the body.

Is one way better than the other? No. Each has their place. Sometimes a mechanical intervention is best, other times an electrical intervention is optimum. These two different approaches to healing have been brought together today under the umbrella of “complimentary medicine”.

The challenge with most Western doctors is that they cannot offer a professional opinion about the merits of eastern medicine simply because they do not have professional credentials on the subject matter. You wouldn’t ask a doctor for professional legal advice – because the doctor hasn’t sufficient legal training to offer a credible legal opinion. So who do you ask about Eastern “energy medicine”?

Sadly, our Western society hasn’t provided broad information to the public about Eastern medicine. Nor do we have visible and credible professional associations for practitioners of energy healing. It’s so loosely regulated by the government that no comfort is found in that arena.

Perhaps the clearest and simplest answer to a Westerner looking at the possibility of using Eastern energy healing interventions as part of an overall healing and health regime is to follow a simple maxim…

“If it works for you, use it. If it doesn’t, don’t use it.”

[The same could be said about working with traditional medicine practitioners]

In the end, YOU are responsible for your own health. Only YOU can decide what is best for you and your family. There can be no passing of the buck to somebody else.

About Emily Matweow
Emily Matweow is an intuitive healer – a practitioner of energy medicine who, by her own example, has shown we can reach the place where all things are possible.  A place where becoming the best you were designed to be means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is already in you.