Marketing Steps

I’m not marketing – I’m generating mail for myself. That makes it so much easier than pressuring myself to advance my writing career.

Grammar Police

I got an email from a new acquaintance. She’d given me her address this past summer and I wrote a note just to say hi. In my email, I told her that I write, and gave the address to one of my blogs. FYI – my blogging days are over.

Some of the Excuses

Through the years I have become well read on the topic of procrastination and have seen the benefits of my studies. This specific area of knowledge pops up in these three flash fictions. No Weeds PulledOn Monday she realizes it is her turn to weed in the community garden. Really this is much effort with …

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Crowd Control

Some fiction pieces are over populated as these three stories illustrate. A writer has to keep the multiple characters in place without sacrificing the story's plot.


Imps of Perversity

These stories are alike; each protagonist has inner thoughts that they wouldn’t necessarily want to reveal.