Protected: Opal Writers’ Magazine – SEPTEMBER 2021

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Summer Reads: Alwahea

His lips were as soft as they had promised to be, gentle and undemanding. It wasn’t her first kiss, but it had been so long ago and so wrapped up in the horror of her boyfriend’s death that… Read More

Tips on Character Development

Once you’ve decided on the story you want to tell and the genre you’ll use to do it, it’s time to get clear on your characters and on making them compelling. They are essential to the success of your novel, as they’ll bring it to life like nothing else.

WHY Your Book Needs a Logline

A logline boils your entire story down to a single, easily understood concept. In about 25-50 words, it captures the essence of the story in one sentence and is the first description of a film or book that the audience will encounter.