Remembrance of Things Imperfect -Earth

Remembrance of Things Imperfect – Mercury by Boris Glikman


Ocean in a Fishbowl

Strolling along the beach with my doggie,I came upon a goldfish in its bowl,floating along the edge of the ocean. Someone had obviously taken pity on their imprisoned petand granted it a taste of unbound freedom,deluding the little… Read More


It is the beginning of a mild spring evening. I am running down the stairs,quickly and excitedly,with my neighbours following me. We all want to see Mercury.It just fell down in the front yard. There it is,lying on… Read More

Untitled [poetry]

rose on book

The blood oozing from the flesh are my tears. Tears want to portray my hunger for you, you being my soulmate. Soulmates are never apart, apart from people who are jealous and obnoxious. The seasoning of your love… Read More