The Magic of Summer


When summer approaches, it feels free, exciting, energizing, and romantic. Summer is the opportunity to wear lighter clothing and start showing off some of your skin. Sometimes it can be very intimidating because if you are not happy with your body, it will show during this time of year. Sometimes it feels like all the hard work you did in the fall, winter, and spring finally shows up in summer.

Let’s say you don’t feel confident and comfortable in your own body. There are few things that you can do:

  1. Go back to my previous Opal articles and review the things that you can still implement in your life, such as a bedtime routine, journaling, making better food choices, and adding short workouts daily.
  1. This is the time where you can eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables, which will help to speed up your metabolism and keep your body cool, as well.
  1. Summer is the perfect time to go out for long walks, and I will provide you with a super cool trick that will increase your heart rate and benefit your cardiovascular condition.

In order to get the most benefit from this climate, get some Vitamin D and N (for nature). Here is what I encourage you to start implementing in your walks:

  1. Schedule your walks every week and respect that time for yourself.
  1. Determine how long: 10 minutes, or 20 minutes or 30 minutes, you don’t need more than that.
  1. What you will need:
    Running shoes: make sure that you use good quality shoes that support your feet, ankles, and stride to avoid knee pain or injury.
    Timer: you can buy a timer or use your phone.
  1. Here is what you will do in your walks:
    Walk for 3 minutes to get in the zone. Consider this the warm up, no stretching.
    Set up intervals. Consider this the actual workout.
    Walk regularly for 30 seconds.
    Walk faster for 30 seconds, feel your heart rate raising.
    Continue this interval walk 6 times (6 minutes).
    You have a few options after the 6 minute interval walk:
    Walk back home. Consider this the cool down.
    Rest for 2 minutes and do another 6 minute set.
  1. Stretch at the end to loosen your legs, hips, calves, and back.

Once you start implementing this kind of interval in your walk, you can also use it for running. For example: run 30 seconds + walk 30 seconds x 6.

Enjoy summer 100%! Be outdoors as much as you can; summer has the magic that allows us to get the most benefits from nature and sunlight. This also reduces the risk for depression, anxiety, and stress.


I have been struggling with my perception of what a perfect body is. Having my own prejudice, my own personal issues, I understand there is a struggle with health that it is affecting everyone and losing the appreciation of the beauty of having a good health. I have come to realize too many people are stuck with aches and pains, cardiovascular conditions, weight control issues, eating disorders, diabetes, hormone unbalance and much more. It doesn’t have to be this way. That is why I created Dee Health n’ Fitness through my vision and mission, I am committed to create an impact on the planet, as well as future generations to help and influence you to have an easy, simple and sustainable lifestyle that allows you to go back to the basics and connect with the self while using exercise as a tool.
I am Denise, AKA Dee, a mom of three teenagers, an immigrant from Venezuela and ready to change the world.

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