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The Writer’s Home Office – A Festive Touch

The Writers’ Home Office:
A Festive Touch

By Barbori Garnet

With the Christmas and holiday season coming up, why not take the time to add a festive touch to your home office?

Taking the time to play holiday music, decorate, or choose from any or all of the below ideas could be just the answer to making your writing area a home to the holidays.
Play Christmas or holiday music either before your writing time or softly in the background while you write. You can choose from instrumental music or songs with words. If you play a musical instrument, play a couple of songs for fun. Music can help a lot in setting the right mood or in providing needed inspiration for what to write. A favorite holiday song could trigger a memory which may inspire a story or article.
The holidays can be a great time to come up with new ideas for and write articles on topics related to holidays, whether Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving. You may think of topics to write on such as the best flowers for the Christmas season, holiday side hustles, or navigating family visits during the holidays. The holidays are also a good time to think about and find which holiday-themed writing markets and contests you may wish to prepare for and enter.

Get outside for a walk, to cross-country, or perhaps to skate. While getting in some exercise and fresh air, take in the festive wreaths, red ribbons, and lights in your neighborhood or around the city. Notice the way the sun is reflected by the snow, the crunch-crunch sound of snow under your shoes as you walk, or the smooth glide of cross-country skis and skates. Let all of this inspire you and remember these sights and sounds when you go to write.

Decorate your home office space with ornaments, a garland, perhaps a small tree on your desk, indoor lights, and the like. Make your own decorations, display family favorites, or do a combination of the two. You might also like to take some photos of your decorations and then incorporate those photos into a future article you may write about your decorating for the season.

Bringing a merry and bright look to your work area for the Christmas and holiday time will add a special feel.

Maybe the month of December calls for enjoying special snacks and drinks of the season. While you work or when you are taking a well-deserved break, have a cup of hot cocoa, hot cider or eggnog, gingerbread man cookies, candy cane or peppermint brownies. Or make and savor a favorite family holiday recipe.

Finally, you can also share a little bit of your festive home office with others, even if it is mostly virtual this season. One idea is to hold a virtual Christmas party with other writer friends and have a short reading, play an online game, or do a Secret Santa and send e-giftcards to your online party buddies. Showing your creativity to others in how you decorated your space could not only add to a great time of fun and connecting during the upcoming holiday season but also inspire others.

Try adding a festive touch to your home office, using some of the tips above, and enjoy a Christmas look and feel in your work area this holiday season.

Wishing you all the best success in your writing this Christmas and holiday season!

Barbori Garnet

Barbori Garnet is a Creative Arts Professional – writer, artist, musician, and gardener – based in Alberta. She enjoys writing non-fiction and writes on remote work, home offices, gardening, and more. Barbori has a BFA and an MA Communications degree.

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