What would our world be like if we all possessed Magical Powers

By Boris Glikman

What would our world be like if every one of us was granted godlike faculties?
At first glance, such a world would indisputably appear to be a picture of an ideal society living in peace and harmony, with every person having boundless freedom in all aspects of their lives, able to fully satisfy their every wish and desire, undo all of their mistakes, change the past and create a definite future of their own choice.
At further reflection, however, niggling doubts begin to creep in if this is how things really would turn out to be.
The foremost issue that such a hypothetical scenario raises is the following: In a world in which everyone has godlike powers, how would we even be able to determine that we really are in possession of such faculties, for wouldn’t their very ubiquity and commonality prevent us from recognizing that these capabilities are indeed magical?
Another essential issue that needs to be addressed is the question of how we would deal with the fact that we are in possession of superhuman gifts and with the knowledge that others too possess miraculous faculties.

Would we be able to learn to cope with the limitless freedom of choice our magical gifts have bestowed upon us or would we be so overwhelmed by these freedoms that we would deliberately suppress and silence our own superhuman capabilities?

Would we be satisfied with enjoying and employing our own miraculous powers or would we be tormented with worries about whether or not our neighbours’ magical capabilities are better than our own and, in our anxiety, completely forget about and neglect our own faculties?
Would we learn to coordinate our godlike powers with one another or would we try to impose our powers upon others and spend all of our time and energy attempting to undo and negate the others’ capabilities?
Would we exist in a state of constant dread of what others might possibly do to us with their superhuman faculties and thus would we put all of our efforts into using our powers to defend ourselves against those potential threats, allowing the creative and constructive side of our capabilities to stagnate and decay?
Would we celebrate and openly display our faculties or would we fear that others would either disparage our powers for being inferior to theirs or begrudge us our powers for being superior to theirs and, consequently, would we try to make our miraculous gifts as inconspicuous as possible?
The above considerations lead us to ask whether a world of people with magical powers would be at all distinguishable from our own. Is it possible, given that the two realms are quite likely to be identical, that we actually are living in the magical world; that all of us really do possess godlike gifts, but that they have been annulled by our lack of awareness, our fears, our insecurities, our jealousies, our rivalries, our worries, our paranoias?
What if, hidden under the grime of our egos, our doubts and our supposed limitations, these miraculous capabilities are just waiting to be unearthed, cleansed and put into use?

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